Nursing Home Notary Service

Need Notary Service in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility?

Search our database of Mobile Notaries public. They will meet at any retirement facility to get documents notarized for you or your loved one.


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Any Type of Document You Need Notarized In a Senior Care Facility

When you have a loved one in an assisted living center, there may be any number of reasons for on site Notary services.

You may need a Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive, Trust or other document signed and notarized. They may not be able to travel to a Notary so our Notaries meet at your local assisted living – nursing home.

*Before contacting a Notary to meet at the nursing home, make sure the signer is mentally and physically able to sign on his/her own. In addition, you will need to ensure the signer has unexpired ID with them. If they do not have ID, please ask the Notary about witness(es) in lieu of ID. The ability of Notaries to use witness(es) differs per State.

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